Performance Schedule


Thursday nights at 6:30pm
Paddlers has placed us also on a rotating schedule for Thursdayʻs. Starting at 6:30pm for MOR (middle of the road) dining and dancing. Playing some of our favorite hits from the past to the present. The dance floor is open to everyone.
Call Paddlers Inn 553-3300 for schedule and times.
This is a Lonomusic presentation for Molokai 96748. See you there.
Tuesday nights at 6pm
Molokai style Hawaiian music. From the 1st migration here 600-650 ad. to the present time. Chants re-made in song to preserve stories and history in all reverence to those who came before us. This unique island and its important roll in Hawaiian culture and history. This is a presentation of Lonomusic here at the Paddlers Inn.