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Old Style V

"Most locals possess an aumakua, or ancestral guardian spirit such as a shark, turtle or lizard. However, Lono, one of Molokai's most celebrated musicians, sings his own tune when it comes to aumakua: instead of an animal spirit, Lono gives reverence to the famed musicians who defined old-style Hawaiian music." - The Molokai Dispatch

Song list:
Pahu Intro
E Ola Moloka'i
Go to Da Pono
Saturday Market
Hanai Boy
Kawela Washa Woman
Iwi Kohola
Dis Aint Da Mainland
E Moloka'i Moloka'i
Po Anuenue Keia
My Tutu Lady
Heaven at 131
Moloka'i O Hina
Pule Hamau
Rain Outro


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Passage to Pono